Lux Debate Club Meets Acton Institute - July 23, 2019

One of the great things about studying debate is that we have the opportunity to read and study the research work of some of the foremost thinkers and actors working to make signfiicant impacts on the world for good.  And one of the great things about living in Silicon Valley is sometimes we get to meet some of those amazing people who are making big impacts - real "movers and shakers," as they say.  Lux Debate Club had that opportunity back in April of this year at The Liberty Forum of Silicon Valley, where we met Robert Sirico, Director of the Acton Institute.

Lux Debate Club's team of Katherine Ballard & Eliyah Ballard developed their affirmative case for the 2018-2019 debate season with the primary theme of moving the poor countries of the world "From Poverty to Prosperity" by transitioning them "From Aid to Trade."  The initial motivation and basis for the case was the documentary film Poverty Cure, which was developed and produced by the Acton Institute.

We had the pleasure of meeting Robert Sirico at the Liberty Forum in Silicon Valley last April, and we shared Katherine's and Eliyah's case with him.  He wrote an article, "Homeschoolers Build Debate Case with 'Poverty Cure'", about Katherine and Eliyah and posted it on the Acton Institute's web site.