The team of Katherine Ballard (8th grade) & Eliyah Ballard (7th grade) qualified to go to the National Invitational Tournament of Champions ("NITOC")!  The tournament was held in May 2019 on the beautiful campus of Dallas Baptist University.  Katherine & Eliyah finished 83rd in the nation at this national championship tournament - a strong accomplishment for Eliyah's first year and Katherine's second year.

The theme of this team's affirmative case was the proposition that aid - not trade - is the way for our nation to help raise people out of poverty in other nations around the world.  On the wings of this grand idea, in addition to a trip to NITOC, Katherine and Ellie garnered recognition in an article written by Robert Sirico on the Acton Insitute's web site!  (Rumor has it that their daddy is extremely proud of them.)  You can read the Acton Insitute article here -->  Homeschoolers Build Debate Case with 'Poverty Cure'.