Lux Debate & Speech Club had seven competitors - three Team Policy teams and seven participants in speech events - in the Ready Response Speech & Debate tournament in Livermore in January 2020.

Katherine Ballard & Eliyah Ballard competed in Team Policy debate.  Katherine & Ellie acheived a 4-2 record in the preliminary rounds, made to the "outrounds," and earned their second "check mark" of the season, securing their place in the National Invitatational Tournament of Champions ("NITOC")!

Jedidiah Ballard & Robert Hagen competed in Team Policy debate, earning a 3-3 record in their second competition together - not bad for two 7th grade novices!

Sophia Liu & Ann Wu, also two 7th grade novices, competed in Team Policy debate.  Sophia & Ann continued to improve in their second time competing together and even got a couple of victories!  We're very excited about Sophia and Ann.

Katherine Ballard, Eliyah Ballard, Jedidiah Ballard, Robert Hagen, Sophia Liu, Ann Wu and Anisa Chang competed in speech events.  This was the debut speech competition for Robert, Sophia, Ann and Anisa - all 7th grade novices.  All of these students competed in at least Apologetics.  (At Lux, all students participate in Apologetics.  That is a requirement of the club.  It is our top priority.)  We are very proud of their hard work and performance!

Katherine earned check marks in Apologetics and Original Oratory.  Ellie made it to the finals in Oratory Analysis and earned a check mark.  Jed made it to the semi-finals in Apologetics and earned a check mark.